Weekend in Cheltenham for foodies itinerary

Weekend in Cheltenham for foodies

  1. Guide to tours and trails in Cheltenham
    Want to be guided around Cheltenham or follow a self-guided route? Perhaps you fancy a Brewery Tour or a drive out into the country? Take your pick...
  2. 48 hours in Cheltenham & the Cotswolds - suggested itinerary
    Our suggested itinerary for a weekend in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. Discover and explore this lesser known cool, cosmopolitan corner of England. Explore at your own pace and uncover some of the locals’ best kept secrets.
  3. Things to do outdoors in Cheltenham
    Things to do outdoors in Cheltenham featuring parks and gardens, street art, walking trails, beer gardens, al fresco dining and recommended dog walks.
  4. Food from around the world in Cheltenham
    Eat your way around the world without leaving Cheltenham at the town's selection of international restaurants, with delicious dishes from Europe, Asia and beyond. The town's cosmopolitan atmosphere has made it the ideal place to experience world cuisines.
  5. Weekend of discovery in Cheltenham
    Escape for a weekend of discovery in Cheltenham, discover Cheltenham's hidden gems, uncover it's history and indulge in the town's incredible foodie scene.
  6. Cheltenham for wine lovers
    Come with us as we take a virtual tour around Cheltenham wine bars and restaurants and speak with our local wine connoisseurs…
  7. Sustainable restaurants in Cheltenham
    There are a rising number of sustainable restaurants in Cheltenham, whose chefs and restaurant owners are focusing on reducing any negative impacts on the environment and society as well as producing fantastic food and drink.
  8. Gluten-free and vegan places to eat in Cheltenham
    Whether it's due to allergies, intolerances or ethical issues, the number of people following special diets in the UK is on the rise. And with it more restaurants adapting their menus to cater for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets. Read on for our recommendations for the best restaurants in Cheltenham for gluten free dining and vegan dining.
  9. Join us on a Cheltenham gastro pub crawl!
    Join Kishi from the Taste Plug on a gastro pub crawl in and around Cheltenham. The delicious food featured is sure to get your belly rumbling. You have been warned folks!
  10. The Great Taste of Cheltenham
    Cheltenham has long been known as a foodie destination. Home to award-winning and Michelin starred dining, restaurants run by Masterchef finalists and some of the best independent and up and coming eateries in the region.