Getting Around

  1. Cycling in Cheltenham
    Exploring Cheltenham on two wheels is really easy! Hire a bike or bring your own...
  2. Walking in Cheltenham
    Walking is an easy way to discover Cheltenham, from strolling the tree lined Promenade to heading down the High Street...
  3. Try catching the bus and instead of worrying about the traffic, sit back and relax whilst Stagecoach West make the most of the bus lanes.
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  4. Using Cheltenham Public Transport
    Cheltenham is geared up with public transport, with all our major sites a short bus journey away...
  5. Park & Ride in Cheltenham
    Want to beat the town centre traffic? Take a look at the Cheltenham Park & Ride services...
  6. Travelling Cheltenham by Taxi
    Taxi! If you need to hail a cab, there's plenty of places to grab one and the costs are reasonable too...
  7. Parking in Cheltenham
    Need somewhere to park up? Cheltenham has a number of car parks in and around the town centre...
  8. Electric Car Charging in Cheltenham
    Need to top up your electric or hybrid vehicle? Cheltenham has a selection of rapid car chargers...
  9. What's On in Cheltenham 2022 - Monthly Highlights
    Your month-by-month guide to what's on in Cheltenham in 2022
  10. Electric scooters, Zwings, Cheltenham Spa Train Station
    Enjoy exploring Cheltenham on an electric scooter. The Zwing scooters are available to rent from various locations across Cheltenham, including the Promenade and Pittville Park
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  11. Things To Do in Cheltenham 2022
    Looking for Things To Do in Cheltenham? Get the latest information on Attractions, Activities, Tours & Sightseeing, Shopping in Cheltenham and more