Cheltenham Districts

  1. The High Street
    Your guide to shopping and entertainment on the High Street...
  2. The Brewery Quarter
    The Brewery Quarter is Cheltenham's Entertainment Hub, day and night...
  3. Regent Arcade Shopping Centre is Cheltenham’s only under cover shopping destination. Located in the heart of Cheltenham and conveniently positioned to link the High Street with The Promenade, the Arcade boasts an impressive line-up of over 60 retail stores and dining options all under one roof.
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  4. The Promenade
    Enjoy the broad, tree-lined avenue where shops, cafes and restaurants abound...
  5. Montpellier
    Chic shops, bars and restaurants in Cheltenham's Montpellier District...
  6. The Suffolks
    Independent shops, bars and restaurants housed in the stunning Regency architecture of The Suffolks...
  7. Tivoli in Cheltenham
    Tivoli is renowned for specialist retailers including a wine merchant and interiors shop...
  8. Bath Road - Cheltenham
    Bath Road is loved by locals and has a bustling community vibe with shops, cafes and pubs...

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