Exmouth Arms, Bath Road in Cheltenham

Bath Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham

  1. Curious Cafe
    The Curious Cafe & Bistro is an independent, small family run business based on the Bath Road in Cheltenham.
    1. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  2. The Exmouth Arms beer garden, Bath Road, Cheltenham
    The Exmouth Arms is located at the heart of the Bath Road, in Leckhampton, Cheltenham. Serving good wine, a fine pint of Arkell's ale and some great fresh pub food. Popular with locals, particularly in the summer, due to huge beer garden.
    1. 1 Jan 201931 Dec 2019
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  3. Bath Road Beers are a local independent business run by a passionate team determined to delivery a great experience. They stock around 450 of the world's finest drinks handpicked by the team from some of the greatest producers in the world.
    1. 1 Jan 201831 Dec 2018
    2. 1 Jan 201931 Dec 2019
    3. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    4. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  4. Moran’s is a family owned restaurant and wine bar situated in Cheltenham's Bath Road. It has a relaxed and informal feel, a perfect way to start the morning or unwind after a hard day. A firm favourite with locals, many of who have been dining at the restaurant since it first opened nearly forty years ago!
    1. 1 Jan 201931 Dec 2019
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
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