The Suffolks, Cheltenham

The Suffolks

  1. The popular Suffolks Sunday Markets are back! Come along and browse stores selling arts and crafts, vintage good, delicious food and drink plus much more.
    1. David Everitt - Matthias and his wife Helen have been running this restaurant since 1987, and have quietly amassed a great reputation and many accolades, including a Michelin star. One of the most highly rated restaurants in the U.K.
      1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
    2. Bodega Womenwear Cheltenham
      Bodega is an independent womenswear store in the heart of The Suffolks, Cheltenham, which stocks a boutique mix of cool casual brands. The store prides itself on offering affordable clothes and accessories that are easy to wear and easy to style for.
      1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
    3. Baker & Graze Cheltenham
      Popular and award-winning cafe and bakery in the Suffolks, Cheltenham serving breakfast, brunch & lunch. Expect epic coffee, sourdough bread, pastries and doughnuts, wines and beers.
      1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
    4. Independent cafe in the heart of The Suffolks, Cheltenham. Getting known for their delicious Dutch pancakes.
      1. The Beehive Cheltenham  exterior shot
        The Beehive, locally known as ‘The village pub of Montpellier’, boasts a newly-refurbished and highly acclaimed a la carte restaurant, upstairs above the main bar.
        1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
      2. Retreat Wine Bar in Cheltenham
        The Retreat Wine Bar has maintained a charming and fun atmosphere attracting both young and old alike...
        1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
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      6. Bath Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham
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