There doesn’t have to be a special occasion to treat yourself from time to time and spending a little on self-care shouldn’t be met with a feeling of guilt.

In fact, setting aside some dedicated me time each day is a surefire way to feel happier and more in tune with yourself. And whether it’s a calming candle or a meditative journal, there are lots of useful products that can aid your self-care practice.

Therefore, in the spirit of taking care of ourselves, we have hand-picked a selection of unique products from Cheltenham retailers to help boost your mood, promote wellness and create a sense of calm.

Gift box from Neal's Yard Cheltenham

Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard Remedies is a family-run franchise in the heart of Montpellier, selling award-winning organic skincare, essential oils, herbs and supplements. A cup of herbal tea, a warm welcome and a personalised experience await everyone that comes through the door.

There are heaps of individual products to choose from and off-the-shelf gift boxes to spoil yourself with. But for the best experience, you can work with the Neal’s Yard team to curate a special box to fit your specific needs and budget.

Pictured above: A carefully selected box full of masculine scents and natural, age-defying lotions.

A gift box from Vinegar Hill

The White Company

The White Company, located on The Cheltenham Promenade, is a company that believes in making the most of life’s simple pleasures.

This ethos is reflected in their wellness collection, with a whole host of products to help you embrace the art of slowing down to enjoy a little TLC. 

We particularly liked the look of this nourishing gift basket, inspired by the start of the spring season and its renewing touch, these products are designed to nourish the body and make you feel refreshed.

A journal from John Lewis

John Lewis

The benefits of journaling for mental health and general wellbeing are well documented. It can help you process troubling events, free up the mind from worry and provide a safe space to vent after a stressful day at the office.

That’s why we think an elegant, appealing notebook is the perfect self-care gift to encourage a regular journaling practice.

This classic book-bound, blue cloth covered and gold leaf stamped planner journal from John Lewis is not only beautiful to look at but is sure to be a joy to write in as well.

The Joy of Small Things book

Rossiter Books

Do you know what goes hand in hand with writing? Reading of course! Rossiter Books, an independent bookstore located in Montpellier, is a treasure trove of literary delights providing healthy escapism and gentle guidance for life. 

Drawn from the popular Guardian column of the same name, The Joy of Small Things by Hannah Jane Parkinson has been described as a “real soul-salve of a collection: beautifully written, and full of gentle insight and warm wit.” The perfect remedy for a mid-week slump.

A heart shaped candle from Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill

No matter how you choose to wind down at the end of a long day, whether journaling, meditation, soaking in a luxurious bath or any other combination of comforting pastimes, adding a calming scent to the mix can take your TLC to the next level.

At Vinegar Hill on Cheltenham Promenade, they stock a wide selection of enticing candles and diffusers to suit every taste. These handmade heart-shaped soy wax candles feature dried flowers and other botanicals that smell as good as they look!

A candle from Karl James Gifts Cheltenham

Karl James Gifts

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and there are plenty of warm, masculine scents out there to enjoy if you aren’t a fan of flowery aromas.

Alongside their ample selection of homeware goods and unique gifts, Karl James Gifts, located in The Montpellier Courtyard, stock a good range of candles and diffusers.

We loved the smell of this Amber Noir candle, with its hints of tuberose and amber, and its minimalist yet elegant presentation will look right at home in any guy's apartment.

Mushroom coffee from Foodloose Cheltenham


A cup of hot coffee can be a godsend on bleary-eyed mornings when we aren’t feeling our best. So, why not take your morning ritual to the next level by introducing some body and brain-boosting medicinal mushrooms to the mix?

Foodloose, tucked away off the upper High Street, is a hidden gem for organic wellness foods such as this Arabica Coffee blend that features 7 medicinal mushroom powders to give you a little extra welly.

Contained within this superfood blend are Cordyceps to combat fatigue, Lion’s Mane to promote calm, and Reishi for general immunity.


Neal's Yard Remedies
Neal's Yard Remedies

Natural Health and Beauty Shop and Therapy Rooms

John Lewis & Partners Cheltenham
Department Store
Exterior of John Lewis store

At the heart of Cheltenham’s busy High Street, John Lewis & Partners Cheltenham is a shopping destination not to be missed! A beautiful branch of the popular British chain of high-end department stores throughout the United Kingdom, the shop boasts over 49,000 products from more than a thousand brands.

Speciality Shop
Food Loose store front

FoodLoose is an ethically sourced refill shop at 15 Grosvenor Terrace, Cheltenham, on a mission to help the local community reduce their plastic waste and to promote a fairer economy.

Karl James Gifts
Gifts and Souvenirs
A selection of vintage style gifts at Karl James

Karl James is delighted to open their first gift shop in the prestigious Montpellier district of Cheltenham, well known for the great variety of independent retail shops and boutiques.

Vinegar Hill
Selection of home items

Owned and managed by siblings Beth, Debbie and Richard Austin who have a passion for buying stylish and inspiring products from all over the World...



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