A very special production of Horrible Histories is live on stage at the Everyman Theatre until this Sunday, 22nd August. We invited local theatre enthusiast, Danielle Ellis and her 9 year old grand daughter to check it out on behalf of Visit Cheltenham. They've reported back and said it was gruesomely good!

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories has come to the Everyman Theatre with a show called Barmy Britain. The family audience came dressed for the occasion, even one young chap was in chainmail!

It is superbly funny and a very creative romp through history. Just two actors created the whole show. Telling stories from the Romans up to the Victorians. The actors took all the parts, both male and female each story more gruesome than the last. One of our particular favourites was Boobica, sorry that should be Boudica.

The audience was involved from the start singing chants and shouting out. Another favourite was the black plague sketch where we learnt a fascinating true fact that people thought they could cure the plague with a chicken and ten year old treacle. As you can imagine it was all quite gassy.

Do watch out for the pistols near the end, you might just want to duck.

There’s no interval in this show so do buy your refreshments and ice creams before the show starts. We missed out on ours!

We laughed at all the jokes and shouted as loud as possible answering their questions. Time went by so quickly, it was such an enjoyable evening. Highly recommended.

Tickets are available to book at the Everyman Theatre box office.

Review by Tilly age 9 and her Grandmother Danielle Ellis. Find Danielle on Instagram - @breadbakerdani


Horrible Histories Live On Stage: Barmy Britain 2021
Horrible Histories Live On Stage: Barmy Britain 2021

We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead! So it's time to prepare yourselves for this very special production of Horrible Histories live on stage!



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