Science was probably one of the subjects as a kid you felt forced to do. The hour-long lessons that felt like days and the pain of having to remember the top line of the periodic table by heart are all too common, so for many this is where science ended.

Luckily Cheltenham has different ideas and plans to break the mould on what science is and more importantly, the relatability of science. The Cheltenham Science Festival is designed to teach people of all ages in-depth and technical topics in a way which is relatable, understandable and most importantly, not boring. Still not sure science is for you? Here are the best events next week that you can still buy tickets for.

Tech and Cyber Events

The Science Of Donald Trump - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Friday 8th

What Time: 8:30pm

How much: £10

No matter what your opinions are, you have definitely heard of him and have most likely heard of his twitter antics. Security specialist Dan Kaszeta, Neuroscientist Dean Burnett and many more discuss the life of the infamous politician. With the talk covering everything from Twitter outbursts to controversial deals, this talk has it all and has it for everyone.

A Driverless Future - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Friday 8th

What Time: 11:45am

How much: £7

Driving has become such an integral part of living, but are we quite ready to let go of the wheel and let the machine drive itself? Robotics Expert Paul Newman, legal technologist Emma Wright and a number of others discuss the pros and cons of driverless cars. Less or more road rage? Less or more accidents? What are the security issues? All of these questions will be answer to decide whether driverless cars will steer off course.

Astronomy and Physics

An Impractical Guide To Leaving The Planet - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Friday 8th

What Time: 8:30pm

How much: £9

Who hasn’t thought about living on another planet? Alan Rutherford and Dallas Campbell sit down to chat Elon Musk’s wild plans, the facts of living on another planet and whether we should sort our own planet before moving to another? If you like the film WALL-E you’ll definitely love this talk.

Stargazing In The Gardens - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Thursday 7th and Friday 8th

What Time: 9:45pm

How much: FREE!

If listening to a talk isn't quite your thing why not get hands on with the Cotswolds Astronomical Society and check out the stars. Using member’s telescopes you’ll be able to see the wonders of the solar system and beyond. If you’ve always wanted to look at the stars but haven't owned a telescope, come down to the festival Village to borrow one.

Neuroscience and Psychology

What Is Addiction? - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Thursday 7th

What Time: 6pm 

How much: £8

Regardless of what it is, people become addicted to one thing during their lives. Psychologists Chris Armitage and Ian Taylor take you through what addiction is, why it seems easy to give up but isn’t why addictions occur in the first place. Most importantly they will teach you how to break addictions and replace them with habits.

Voice, Speech And Laughter - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Sunday 10th

What Time: 10am

How much: £6

Neuroscientist Sophie Scott discusses why we communicate, the importance of it and the function it has as not only a social aid, but a long term psychological aid as well. How do we use our voice,body language and laughter to convey the point we are trying to make? Find out at this talk.

 Nature and Wildlife

Our Place In The Animal Kingdom - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Saturday 9th

What Time: 5:30pm

How much: £8

This is the classic dilemma that humans face. Do we use the egosystem, where some lives are put above others, or do we use an ecosystem that puts all life on the same level? As a species we have the power to eliminate animal populations and have done so in the past. Zoologist John Ewen is joined by nature experts to make sure we don’t make the wrong choices for the planet.

The Rise Of The Dinosaurs - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Wednesday 6th

What Time: 8:30pm

How much: £8

The meteor ending the dinosaurs is not exactly the biggest secret in science, but what about how they came to be? Paleontologist Steve Brusatte explains the history of the prehistoric beasts and how they came to rule the world for over 150 million years.

Health and Wellbeing

The Human Animal Bond - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Thursday 7th

What Time: 3:30pm

How much: £7

If you want to cuddle a dog, this is the talk for you. Pets as Therapy Chair Anne Clilverd will be bringing, Cesc her therapy dog to discuss the importance of animal and human connections for physical and mental states. Anne will be joined by John Bradshaw, an Anthrozoologist.

Family Events

The Science Of Sweets - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Saturday 9th

What Time: 3:30pm

How much: £7

All kids love them and most adults do, but what is the science behind them and why do we love them so much? BBC food expert Stefan Gates and chemist Andrea Sella bite down give us a practical explanation of how your favourite treat is made.

FrankenAnatomy - Cheltenham Festivals

When: Saturday 9th

What Time: 10am

How much: £6

To celebrate Frankenstein's 200th birthday, mad scientists from the university of Bristol are on a quest to build a human body from scratch, but need a little help. Join them to discover how vital organs work, what bones are where and also have some fun and games along the way.

For more information please Visit the Cheltenham Festivals website.

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